Viviendo el Visado Loco: Making it to Spain

Life is what happens when we were making other plans. We thought our visit to Texas would be short. We thought our visa would be processed quickly. We spent four hot months in Texas. Our new home being finished, we executed our move ahead of our visa approval and received it two weeks after arriving in València. So, visas and relocation are our topics today.  Continue Reading →

Transcontinental Visa Drama

I may be a bit bold here in posting this before we have completed the process, but perhaps that is all part of the tension. Every story must have tension. We started our visa planning and document collection in March. We were ready to submit when we learned that the Consulate General of Spain in San Francisco was suffering from staffing challenges that put their visa processing, especially for retirement visas, on hold until late this year or early next. Upon advice of legal counsel, we changed our legal residence to David’s childhood home. This meant rebuilding the documents for the visa submission to Houston. We will detail the documents for the visa in a separate section as many readers will not need the detail. Continue Reading →

No juego con la ley: Purchasing Property in València

We had found a flat that met our needs and more. We established a contract to purchase and headed home to organize ourselves for this delightfully unexpected opportunity. Transactions in Spain, however, are not like transactions in the US. We had a lot to learn about power of attorney, the importance of relationships, reserves and deposits, naked property and usufruct, the need for cashier checks, and the clarity of closing. Continue Reading →

Retiring Early — What is Retirement?

The first step on our journey to this third third of our lives was to consider the prospect of retirement. This took some reflection as we are both lifetime workers. There is a strong connection with work, both for me personally and for the culture in which I live. On the one hand, there is a question about retiring early. On the other hand there is a question about what it means to retire. Continue Reading →