Surveillance Capitalism and Education

This question of providing value in exchange for adjustments in that variable term privacy is central to the challenges and changes facing society and subsequently, higher education. We are seeing a deep shift that is variously termed the Digital Wealth System (Toffler/Toffler), the Second Machine Age (Brynjolfsson/McAfee), or the Fourth Industrial Revolution(Schwab). Continue Reading →

A Beginning

A beginning.There are so many beginnings.For each beginning, there is an ending.For each ending, there is a beginning.There are so many endings.An ending. This content may fade to little or may grow in scope. My thoughts and my interests may perhaps appear here, but time is so precious. Making time available for the pursuit of this self-gratification may not be possible. We will engage the beginning. We will watch for the end. We will see what depth and breadth can be accomplished in the interim. Recovered from my old blog Existential Ramble via The Wayback Machine. The original Existential Ramble Continue Reading →