Tripping on Closets

It is two in the morning and still I am awake. My husband and I watched the movie The Trip this evening. It is a powerful movie. Like the equally excellent Longtime Companion, it is a tale spread over many years. And perhaps this is where I am caught. There is a nexus here in the passage of time and the prison of the closet experience. The Closet in this context refers to an experience of shutting away who you are and hiding from others to protect yourself or your loved ones. It is very damaging.  There is so much loss involved. And Continue Reading →

Understanding Closets

Understanding ClosetsA Worship Service by David Wright GibsonPresented to the First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma CitySunday June 12, 2005 Readings We begin with a brief note from Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead #561 Change the World Now, a brief poem from Alice Walker: Love is not concernedwith whom you prayor where you sleptthe night you ran awayfrom home.Love is concernedthat the beating of your heartshould kill no one. Alice Walker #564 Love is Not Concerned Please join me in Continue Reading →

Travels to Freedom and Unitarian Universalism

I was recently asked to tell the story about how I came to be a Unitarian Universalist. I figure anything that involves this much writing needs to be shared on my blog.  I was reared an institutional catholic. This is a term I’ve coined to distinguish from faith catholics, many of whom I find to be heretical in catholic terms. As an institutional catholic, it makes all the difference what the institution of the church wants, says or teaches.  Part of my up bringing, as you can imagine, included a fair bit of homophobia in the form of the lie Continue Reading →

Glass Houses

Two steps forward, one step back . . .: “More concerning, he writes, is the religious right’s lack of concern for social issues such as poverty and racial justice, on top of ‘the appeals of the movement’s leaders to affluent self-interest over biblical imperatives. How did tax cuts for the rich become a religious imperative? Those blatant hypocrisies of the religious Right are becoming more and more evident, especially to a new generation of evangelical Christians.’ This new generation of evangelicals will be in good company with the gay community, who long ago caught on to the right’s penchant for Continue Reading →