The Wealth of Education Systems

Education is best understood and then transformed for the future when viewed through the paradigm of wealth systems. When we speak of the purpose and structures of education without these paradigms, our conversations become confused. Identifying the agricultural education system, the industrial education system, and the emerging digital education system can facilitate more constructive work toward digital transformation and our need to hit refresh on education. This is important because the Digital Wealth System calls us to make education available to every person on the planet, so we can achieve more. Continue Reading →

The Attention of a People

I have been absent this web log. The demands of work and family have kept me away from the news of the day and when not working, I have avoided the computer.  This brings to mind the phenomenon of American culture where a voting populace is remarkably uninformed about issues and events. It will be interesting to watch as our society grows to see how this experiement in representative, elected government can survive with such a lack of importance placed on education.  When public education was discussed and presented, it was, at least in part, founded on this notion that Continue Reading →