Estoy Jubilado

Thirty years building /
A career contributing /
Acorns for winter.

Life can be challenging at times. I walk a path that was usually not anticipated. I learn. I unlearn. I learn anew. And then I reflect. Take stock of the learning. Where was the view right? Where was the action right?

medieval tower framed by palm trees
The bell tower of the Valencia Cathedral on a clear morning in December.

This year, in the wake of Patrick’s cancer and then COVID-19, we spent quality time researching for the third third of our lives together. Patrick and I have decided to retire. We are young for retirement, but we expect to continue to contribute to the world in ways that are, in the words of our anticipated visa, non-lucrative. I will read more history, travel to see where these stories occurred, and write about it all for anyone that cares to read.

We have decided to retire to Spain. In the coming weeks, I will write more about this decision and the adventures that followed. For today, now that my employer is properly informed, I wanted to share with you all that we are working to move to València, just down the Jardín de la Turia from our good friends Tim and Corinne.

a set of keys on a blue bag
The flat is purchased. The keys are here.

For timing, we visited València, we bought a flat, we sold Crooked House, and we are looking at wrapping up work and affairs here in Seattle over the coming months. We spent some lovely time with Dianna in Seattle. To facilitate our transition and for the happiness of our dogs, however, we are settling in Laurie and Dave’s cabin in Hoodsport. We will move to València in mid-August after our apartment is remodeled. The first of our friends and family will visit in October.

More to come here to tell the tale, and more to come in further adventures exploring our lives and our histories.

16 Replies to “Estoy Jubilado”

  1. Karen Janszen

    My goodness! What a fantastic decision! We too retired early and it’s absolutely worth it. Terribly sorry to hear about Patrick’s cancer. Cancer sucks, I know from experience. Wishing you joy in your new situation!

  2. Darryl Warren

    You and Patrick picked an amazing location for your third third of life. So happy for you both. I’m looking forward to your continued literary contributions and the amazing photo memories that you will share. Can’t wait to come visit.


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