First Roads Lead to Rome

As a green young seminarian, I had the good fortune to be allowed to join my classmates in the University of Dallas tradition of having the sophomore class spend one semester at the UD Rome campus. It is a semester that is organized for travel. While we had to carry a full fifteen credit hour load, the term was skewed in organization such that we banked extra class time at the beginning and four-day weekends at the end. Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Education

It is about scale. In education, we have always wanted to take care that every learner in our charge reaches their full potential. …This need for scale to succeed in the digital wealth system is one that will drive investment. This is where we will being to see deep value in education that matches the aspirations of educators of the industrial revolution. Continue Reading →

The Wealth of Education Systems

Education is best understood and then transformed for the future when viewed through the paradigm of wealth systems. When we speak of the purpose and structures of education without these paradigms, our conversations become confused. Identifying the agricultural education system, the industrial education system, and the emerging digital education system can facilitate more constructive work toward digital transformation and our need to hit refresh on education. This is important because the Digital Wealth System calls us to make education available to every person on the planet, so we can achieve more. Continue Reading →

Historical Personal Perspectives

I am fascinated by this tension between the established history and the limits of our knowledge. I find Mortimer’s historiographical approach very attractive as it provides a way to analyse the evidence we have and perhaps come closer to understanding the point of view of the subject of our study. In this case, our learning is more complete and can better inform our understanding of the world and the society in which we live. Continue Reading →

Tripping on Closets

It is two in the morning and still I am awake. My husband and I watched the movie The Trip this evening. It is a powerful movie. Like the equally excellent Longtime Companion, it is a tale spread over many years. And perhaps this is where I am caught. There is a nexus here in the passage of time and the prison of the closet experience. The Closet in this context refers to an experience of shutting away who you are and hiding from others to protect yourself or your loved ones. It is very damaging.  There is so much loss involved. And Continue Reading →

Understanding Closets

Understanding ClosetsA Worship Service by David Wright GibsonPresented to the First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma CitySunday June 12, 2005 Readings We begin with a brief note from Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead #561 Change the World Now, a brief poem from Alice Walker: Love is not concernedwith whom you prayor where you sleptthe night you ran awayfrom home.Love is concernedthat the beating of your heartshould kill no one. Alice Walker #564 Love is Not Concerned Please join me in Continue Reading →