About this Adventure

What is this place?

David and Patrick have been together since 2003. We have traveled the world with family and friends. Our focus is usually on human or natural history. 

In this website, we will be increasingly sharing what we have learned, seen, and done. It is a gift to you, the reader. We publish this with no expectations of anyone reading it. Rather, we send all this out to the world as a gift in gratitude for the many gifts we have received. 

Photo of David and Patrick standing in the courtyard of Caenarfon Castle
David and Patrick at Caernarfon Castle

David Wright Gibson

David has spent many years gradually building some understanding of human history. He continues to be fascinated by the way our species works together to create and destroy, to birth and to kill, to love and to hate. He has a particular fondness for the history of the British Isles, and a strong interest in deepening his understanding of European history. 

A photo of David and Patrick hugging

Professionally, David spent thirty years in technology, mostly educational technology, mostly for higher education. He retired from Microsoft where he worked with colleagues to support technology firms as they partner with Microsoft to equip governments and education institutions around the world. He began his journey in university textbook publishing and quickly gravitated to the technology side of the business where he worked to develop digital solutions to educational challenges such as psychomotor assessment of student learning. He spent many years working directly with university academic staff as they worked to support student learning with the developing technologies of the Third Industrial Revolution. As we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, he worked with leaders around the world to respond to the pressures of this revolution in human society.

Patrick Wright Gibson

Patrick is always fascinated by people. Where did they come from? How did they arrive where they are? What do they love? Who do they love? How do they live their lives? 

Patrick worked in the restaurant business in Seattle, owning a restaurant at one point. He then stepped into social work where he worked with juveniles, HIV-AIDS, and then Aging and Disability populations. In 2012 he began his work in residential real estate, first apprenticing in Denver, and then building his business in Seattle. In retirement, he continues to consult with colleagues to support his old clients in their new real estate adventures.