No juego con la ley: Purchasing Property in València

We had found a flat that met our needs and more. We established a contract to purchase and headed home to organize ourselves for this delightfully unexpected opportunity. Transactions in Spain, however, are not like transactions in the US. We had a lot to learn about power of attorney, the importance of relationships, reserves and deposits, naked property and usufruct, the need for cashier checks, and the clarity of closing. Continue Reading →

Retiring Early — What is Retirement?

The first step on our journey to this third third of our lives was to consider the prospect of retirement. This took some reflection as we are both lifetime workers. There is a strong connection with work, both for me personally and for the culture in which I live. On the one hand, there is a question about retiring early. On the other hand there is a question about what it means to retire. Continue Reading →

What is it with these tags?!?

Update: I have greatly simplified my life and I am moving further away from digital tools. More on that later, but know that the tags are removed and we keep only Technology, Humanity, Storytelling, and History. All by author save History that is by year. To your right you will see a word cloud entitled Luggage Tags. These are the tags I use to provide paths through the content here. I call it the Dewey-Gibson system. I started it when I decided to catalog my library. I have moved a lot in my life. Every time we move houses my Continue Reading →